Do you make time for meditation, prayer and worship? Do you read the Bible, the writings of Friends, and other inspirational works, seeking new light? Do you regularly seek God’s guidance? Are you open to guidance and support and do you give thanks for them? Do you share your spiritual insights with others and willingly receive from them in turn? (Query Four from Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith & Practice, 1988)

Welcome to Charlottesville Friends Meeting, an active, diverse meeting in Central Virginia. We are part of the unprogrammed Quaker tradition. We are delighted to have visitors. Our building is totally accessible, with handicapped parking on the right-hand side.

There are two worship sessions on Sunday mornings.  The early one tends to be smaller without children.  During the later worship we offer religious education/child care so we usually have a larger group.  During the academic year we have adult education (Connections) between the two worship sessions, and during the summer we have refreshments and socializing.

The children join us for the last fifteen minutes of the later worship and stay through after-worship sharing, which lasts about fifteen minutes and includes afterthoughts, introductions and announcements. Please stay for introductions, so we can get to know you.